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Dr. Traci Statler received her Ph.D. in Exercise and Sport Science from the University of Utah, with a focus in applied sport and performance psychology. She currently holds an academic appointment with the department of Kinesiology at California State University-Fullerton and is the President of X-Factor Performance Consulting based in Southern California. She has taught classes in many elements of sport and performance psychology, including applied sport and performance psychology, gender issues in sport, and legal and ethical issues in kinesiology, and supervises a number of graduate students in this field. Dr. Statler has presented her research and experience at both the national and international level, including conferences of the International Society of Sport Psychology, the European Federation of Sport Psychology, the American College of Sport Medicine, and the Association of Applied Sport Psychology. Her research credits include chapters in several books on applied sport psychology, and articles in The Sport Psychologist and the Journal of Sport Behavior. Dr. Statler's interest areas and research involve understanding the antecedents and characteristics of performance excellence, the psychology of injury and rehabilitation, and the overall health and wellness of the female athlete. She emphasizes the importance of life balance, including sexual wellness as an integral element of the athlete's healthy lifestyle.
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